June 30th, 2003

Women's health at SJAFB - Summer 2003

Hot flash!

If my recent girly-parts TMI hasn't been weird enough, I just had a hot flash. Himself find this all entertaining and jokes that "[my] hormones are doing the hokey-pokey."

Interesting note: we documented it with my new ear thermometer. Being able to take readings so close together opens up a whole laundry list of possibilities for fun with it. Imagine how much fun it could be at a party: "Is it hot in here or is it just you?" "I don't know, let's take our temperature and find out!" Or not.
Women's health at SJAFB - Summer 2003

Brief health update.

This morning's call to the Tricare appointment line said the soonest I could get a women's health appointment is 17 July and the soonest I could see my PCM is the 29th (no shit), but advised me to go to sick call (1400-1500 MTuThF, 1100-1200 W) because of the severity of my symptoms.

Apparently most people show up at noon to check in for sick call, because we showed up at 1345 and didn't get seen until 1700. Part of it is due to being down providers this week, but we're lucky Laurel napped for most of the wait; they also ran errands while I was waiting. New PSU has been acquired, I'm looking for a 120 mm fan and we're still looking for a decent sub-$100 4-port KVM switch (suggestions welcome).

Most of the clinic was closed for the day by the time I was seen, so they weren't able to do much. Nothing immediately obvious is wrong, no abnormally-sized organs and nothing else that would show up on a visual pelvic exam. My PA thinks a couple weeks of estrogen will reset my cycle (read: I'm going to be even worse than I have been recently, sorry kenwestervelt) but I won't be starting them until after I've had a full workup/labs and pelvic ultrasound, which they managed to fit me in this week for... at 0730 tomorrow. Himself doesn't want me to bike into it (not that I'm in any condition for it) but waking up that soon after getting off work is gonna be rough on him.

Think good thoughts, or something.