June 27th, 2003

Women's health at SJAFB - Summer 2003

The TMI light is flashing until I stop talking about my reproductive system.

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I really should make a TMI light one of these days -- my lunch table from D'Evelyn probably still remembers it, along with the blinking sarcasm light and the Revel nipple lid (which Will helpfully opened into Kevin's surprised face almost every day *chuckles*) -- man, I wish I could still get that stuff. I loved Ginger Payne for donating flats to the Evergreen music department so I could live all musical season off the fruity-spicy caffeinated goodness. And thinking about that makes me feel better. Now all I need is that hug returned from Andy via James and I'll be set, although Andy gives the best hugs. I wish I could jump out of planes too -- you Airborne people have all the fun. *wry grin*