June 26th, 2003

Staple this to your FACE

I'd like my neighbors if I was deaf and stupid.

The across the street neighbors have brought their ATV out again. I was really hoping they'd broken it because it's (a) damned annoying to listen to them run it for 6-8 hours at a time, (b) talking with them about it has resulted in nothing on their part, and (c) I nearly had a heart attack when I saw their 4-year-old running it.

I guess they'd only put it away since I complained mightily to the landlord (our neighborhood has a sign at its entrance stating motorized recreation vehicles are not allowed; when I asked the landlord about it, he said golf carts were okay and everything else was taboo) about it in April after three days straight where the children amused themselves by zooming around their house, running through the water in the ditch separating their yard from the road, then running down the road, through the water again and into their yard for another circle around the house. All day long.

I used to think my neighbors were ignorant of how annoying some things are (letting their dogs run loose, tuning engines at 0700 on the weekend, burning trash without warning us so we could go away) but now I'm sure they're just stupid.

When I take over, this neighborhood is going to be leveled and salted. In the meanwhile, I'll add taking pictures of their stupidity to add to my collection of Redneck Auto Shop next door. (He's the one I play opera at when his radio's loud enough for me to hear the lyrics on the far side of the house from his yard. I should post a picture of his "garage" sometime, it's wicked funny.)

Media diet: Tenacious D

You'll notice for once I'm not listening to NPR, watching legal/crime crap on TV, or playing video games. (Yes, it happens.) Laurel wanted to dance and I'm actually TMBG'd out (psst -- they're gonna be in St. Louis Friday!) so we are dancing to what isn't the Greatest Song in the World, but just a tribute.

Thank you, Iron Mike, for reminding me that good women must have heard of, if not like, Ween and Tenacious D. Ah wuv Iron Mahk! *laughs*

And he asked us, be you angels? And we said "Nay. We are but men." Rock!

Does anyone know of a better plastic Jesus for my car than this one? Our car lacks one and I'm loathe to get a Buddy Jesus, no matter how much skee-ball God plays.

Carry on.
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