June 23rd, 2003


Potty-training (or why I'm cranky lately).

I finally hit my sensory tolerance for disposable diapers. I've always hated the texture and the smell, but they were cheaper -- financially, not morally -- and I've been trying to nudge her gently in the direction of wanting to use the toilet since ~18 months. She's now a few weeks shy of 3 and I've hit my limit. I am not touching them anymore because they make my skin hurt. (I have sensitive skin and a developing latex allergy, so gloves aren't an option until I shell out for reusable latex-free ones.) She's going to have to suck it up or start using the toilet. We have cloth training pants, so I can only hope she'll learn quickly.

That said, no-one's coming over next weekend unless they go home at a reasonable hour. I'd like my weekend back since I'd rather have a few hours alone with him (and awake) than any of the random stuff we've done or picked up this weekend, although it is swell to have a printer again.

auntiesiannan, do you want just the Sesame Street designs in cross-stitch book or the plastic canvas one too? I finished cleaning up my scans of the former this weekend -- the PDF file of the book is 5.67 Mb with 100 ppi images, but I also have 300 ppi PSD files of each page.