June 19th, 2003


You Had to Be There: "Say backpack!"

As I was getting juice to have a last drink before bed, I noticed the refrigerator door was completely bare. (It's normally covered in magnetic letters and numbers, along with a couple stray kid-friendly magnets.)

Laurel's watching me intently as I pour her drink so I ask, "Where did the letters go?" while putting the lid on her cup.

She replies, "Say backpack!". When I do, she runs into the living room and holds up her little Backpack. I still look confused, so she shakes it.

Now I just wonder if this Dora the Explorer thing has gone too far. *wry grin*

For those of you not familiar with the cartoon, every episode prominently features her Map, which tells her three landmarks to get her where she's going, and Backpack, which has "anything that you might need" according to its song. Laurel watches a Dora video every day and when she first got her own Backpack from my parents, refused to leave the house without it and a stuffed monkey (Dora's sidekick is a monkey in galoshes).