June 5th, 2003


"He said all of the sudden something broke, and it just went haywire."

An F-15E from our base crashed after taking off on a training sortie yesterday. We didn't hear about it until the 11 PM news came on, but weren't worried after finding out no-one was hurt. (Local TV reports: "F-15 Eagle Crashes In Johnston County", "Investigation Continues Into F-15 Crash"; the subject quote is from the second linked story.)

Himself said there were chaplains running all over today asking people if they felt "affected" by the crash. When asked, he replied that since no-one was hurt and the jet's replaceable, he didn't really care. The chaplain just nodded and displayed a cheerfully blank look, so he continued that it really just meant one less jet to work on, though he bet the last maintainers to work on the downed jet were soiling their pants. The chaplain just nodded again and went on to the next guy.

After recapping all of this for me, he said: "I wish I could take you into work tomorrow." I was confused until he explained they're having steak tomorrow as part of some event honoring someone. Heh. I knew it couldn't be Bring Your Favorite Boobs To Work Day.