March 29th, 2003


One thought on the meds.

Levaquin gives me wicked, wicked drymouth. Not quite "my mouth is stuffed with sand" drymouth, but in light of two days' dehydration, I'm mildly surprised at how much water I've downed since taking it a few hours ago. And I'm still pissy about the no-dairy-products bit, because there is a log of cheddar cheese sitting in my fridge staring at me every time I go to get more water from the Brita pitcher... and a bag of shredded mozzarella, two tubs of cream cheese (whipped plain and regular strawberry), several quarters of butter, a quart of heavy whipping cream... and there's whey in the fake butter spread we have, so I'm not supposed to have that either.

This is starting to really blow. At least squirting Flonase up my nose is fun, and I get to do that every day until further notice.