March 28th, 2003


The "try" in Tricare finally came through, sort of.

I've been trying to get more phenergan (for nausea caused by chronic sinusitis) since November with little success, but I finally scored! Apparently the trick was to get him to call, since I continually got the run-around trying to get an appointment myself. (I'll post a comment about that if anyone's interested, otherwise it's boring and mildly whiny.) We also went during walk-in hours, which was surprisingly fast. The killer was the wait after my initial vitals for a PA, which was nearly 45 minutes, but once she got to me I was in like Flynn. (:

I now have a two-week course of Levaquin (I'm buying an acidophilus supplement tomorrow), and a month's worth (plus three refills each) of Allegra-D and Flonase. I have to wait for phenergan because they're out of the tablets right now at the clinic pharmacy (could have gotten suppositories), but the real coup is that I might finally get the ENT referral I've been trying to get for ages.

Now I can only hope this ENT is better than my experience in Virginia, where I paid $375 for a 15 minute consult where I got to see the inside of my nose on a 27" video screen. (That ENT was also kind enough to inform me that the CT scan I'd had the month before was done the wrong way to show my sinuses, but if I get my records from Virginia, I'll try to get a print I can scan and show everyone the inside of my head.)