February 20th, 2003


Antidote to the common toy.

I'm so tired of grotesquely malformed "cute" animals and baby dolls Laurel's been given (I am generally against anything I can't wash and dry in the sink or the laundry) that a plush Cthulu is awfully tempting. That would beat the pants off those thalidomide baby dolls like Precious Moments and its imitators.

If only Firewire Dino came in a USB version and the Mathmos Color Tumbler was cheaper. *chuckles*

For those of you who haven't had the pleasure, shopping with us is an adventure. We've found adult toys at the dollar store (actually dog toys, but that's another story) and a hot lesbian novel at Dollar General (of course, I bought it). And you haven't lived until you've gone into Target and Laurel yells "Boobies! Boobies!" at the brassieres. After all, the only reason to go to the mall is to dig through the clearance bin at K-B Toys for action figures to mod for my friends and followers. (;

If it wouldn't most certainly get our car damaged by passerby (also why our pro-choice Northern Sun stickers aren't going on until we're back in Colorado), I would seriously consider getting a bunch of the new "I Watch Smut and I Vote!" stickers from Blowfish and distributing them among my friends. It'd be hotter than my last batch of "F**K WORK" comps from Srini. (: