February 17th, 2003


One final bowling shirt update.

This just in from Todd at BowlingShirt.com:
The "Bowling For Jesus" design has been added to our regular line of printed bowling shirts. They are not yet available for purchase on the website (they will be added in the next few days, I'm sure). If you want to order one or more before they go online, feel free to call us at 800-444-1685. Otherwise, keep an eye out on our Swingmasters page; that print will be put on the Black & Red version of our Swingmasters.
So now you too can have a punny bowling shirt because He died for your pins. Heh.

edit 2005/02/01: The Bowling For Jesus Black & Red Swingmaster (item no. SMSBRBFJ) starts at $31.95 plus shipping if you want your own.

Things You Need to Be Told (about OPSEC).

Humble apologies to the fabulous Etiquette Grrls for the title.

It'd be redundant to post this to militaryspouses since anyone there that doesn't practice OPSEC is either clue-resistant (and probably claims to be so amazing they are exempt from communicating like an intelligent being) or will act offended in response to a reminder, so this is for the rest of you who might be curious. It's behind a cut for your convenience and I've edited it lightly for clarity after receiving it from a mailing list I subscribe to.

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