February 16th, 2003


Midget shoe-shopping is almost as difficult as finding shoes that fit me!

Despite the overwhelming selection of Children's Shoes That Suck (chunky platform-style soles and too much frilly crap, mostly) around here, we found a nice pair of shoes for Laurel. Pictures to come.

I'm still looking for a pair of reasonably plain sandals for her in children's size (US) 7 or 7 1/2; I think I'm going to scan through the Campmor and Sierra Trading Post catalogs to see if I can find anything. (She loves my Birkis, but we aren't getting her a _new_ pair until her feet are growing less than a size a year.)

Best lines of the night...

Me: If we get these shoes (dressy patent vinyl with rhinestones), we can dress her up as Jon Benet for Halloween!

Himself: What is she doing?
Me: Dancing salsa. Duh.
[Laurel was jumping all over the printed children's shoe size rug. There wasn't anyone else in the department, so we let her jump around while we looked at shoes.]

Laurel: No boots! Shoes!
[said as he was strapping her into the car; her new shoes were on the seat next to her and she didn't want to wear her rainboots -- the only shoes we had that fit her at the time we went out]

Media diet: Richard Rodriguez, Harriet McBryde Johnson.

The best of today's media diet:
- Richard Rodriguez on NOW with Bill Moyers, which I'm watching as I write this. "Mexican TV is like Swedish TV, it's an exercise in peroxide." I love it when fellow brown people talk about it. (Yes, I'm brown. It's a lot more obvious here than back in Colorado, but talk to me awhile and you'll see.) "In 1972 I became Hispanic. . . until then, I was a Mexican-American."
- "Unspeakable Conversations" by Harriet McBryde Johnson in this weekend's NY Times Magazine. Disabled rights activist and lawyer meets with Phillip Singer.