February 12th, 2003

Rosehip hunting in Alderfer

Another sign of the apocalypse: little brother got a 4.0 last semester.

I get my hometown weekly, the Canyon Courier, on some delay via US Mail. The 29 January issue arrived yesterday and at the top of the front page, it alerted me to the fact that the fall semester honor rolls for the middle and high schools were in the second section. I read my way through as usual, then returned to the page of the honor roll listing to scan for kids I know (babysitting, family friends' offspring, etc.).

I found my baby sister, Sarah, on the 4.0 list for her grade at the middle school; no surprise, she's reasonably smart and does her work on time. But -- a bigger butt than J.Lo padded to play Selena -- then I flipped over to the reverse of the page to skim the high school honor roll and my little brother was on the 4.0 list for his grade! For someone whose first three years of high school had a cumulative GPA of 0.833, I was pleasantly shocked. Himself's response: "What's wrong with this world?".

Scratch that on the bowling shirt.

Got an e-mail from bowlingshirt.com apologizing that they did not remove the shirt from their site after selling it so they had actually sold it shortly before I bought it. They've offered immediate shipping if I choose to buy something else of equal value, but I think I'll say screw it (that was the only shirt Himself liked, and their regular line designs don't do anything for him) and get my money back.

With payday coming up, I think I'll tell him it's half of his new set of wind gear so he can get back to biking daily before it warms up. (Nashbar has a wind top and pants that we can get together for $70, so at least it'll be useful.)

edit 2005/02/01: The Bowling For Jesus Black & Red Swingmaster (item no. SMSBRBFJ) starts at $31.95 plus shipping if you want your own.