January 31st, 2003


Photos and another reason why I don't like the coffeehouse much.

Coffeehouse pictures of kenwestervelt and Laurel coming after I unload the camera; the trip was all right (I adore raspberry Italian soda) but in the future I'll take my own transportation. I didn't realize "an hour and a half" (1900-2030) really meant "longer if it feels right".

Shortly before 2200 I was close enough to losing my temper, especially with Laurel having trouble behaving after the initial 90 minutes, that I gave up and called Himself at work. Thank you so much to whoever let him have enough time off to run us home. It meant the world to me.


0131_10kenguitar   0131_11kenguitar   0131_15laurelcolorclose   0131_17laurelcolorchin   0131_19kenguitar