January 21st, 2003


Weekend in brief and pen-in-laundry fun.

Weekend in (very) brief: Got groceries for the next few weeks. Also bought a second Dora video (Dora's Backpack Adventure). Slept. Coughed. Himself gave me a backrub Monday night and put a bit too much pressure on an out-of-alignment vertebra. I'm thankful to have a good back brace (and to my sister for pointing me in its direction last year).

Today is laundry day. Laurel is wearing a pair of pants on her head and singing and I'm running the most recent load a second time after discovering Himself left a gel pen in his BDU pants pocket. Hooray for Simple Green and its ink-dissolving power.
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Fellow August 9th birthday celebraters...

I think we should start a posse. Through another random avenue, I've found another LJ'er with our birthday.

So now, the total of us sharing a birthday I know of: me, tinder (I've known him since before either of us had an LJ), digitalusrex, caffeinediary and greenisgood. I've lost track of Matt from New Jersey, the other guy I knew who shared my birthday that I met online in 1996, but hey. Not too bad.