December 29th, 2002

File under T for TRASH

Stupid people IM me randomly.

If it wasn't a weekend, I'd wonder what a 15-year-old is doing up at this hour, much less randomly messaging me to ask if I'm on LJ and if so, will I give them an invite code because they found me on AIM. I understand being young and poor, but $5 is budgetable. Bleh.

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A funny exchange before we watched Pee Wee's Big Adventure.

About to watch Pee Wee's Big Adventure (scored today on DVD for $5!) with the audio commentary by Paul Reubens and Tim Burton...

kenwestervelt: I need to get something to drink.
Me: No problem. Vodka's in the freezer.
kenwestervelt: No, no... I don't need anything that would put me under, I'm close enough as it is.

[Himself said something to that, but I've forgotten what it was. I wisely refrained from saying something smartass about how it was all that DDR.]