December 4th, 2002

File under T for TRASH

More AIM stupidity, or what happens when you've had the same screename for 10 years.

It's such an adventure when people write IMs in colored text -- in this case they started in yellow-on-purple and moved on to blue-on-navy.

[18:00] ashwann N: hey erin?
[18:01] Highqueen: Who's Erin? Do I know you?
[18:01] ashwann N: who is this
[18:01] ashwann N: ?
[18:01] ashwann N: ?
[18:01] Highqueen: The same person that's used the AOL/AIM screenname 'highqueen' since 1993. Read my AIM contact information.
[18:02] ashwann N: ok erin
[18:02] ashwann N: ?
[18:02] ashwann N: who is this
[18:02] Highqueen: If you met someone one a bus to Albany that told you highqueen is their screename, I've already heard that one. I have no idea who it was.
[18:02] ashwann N: WHO IS THIS
[18:02] Highqueen: Melissa Gutierrez Crawford. It's in my AIM contact information, and so's my website address. Did you look at it before messaging me?