November 1st, 2002


A few scientific wonderings...

...really ideas to research after reading the October Johnny's Selected Seeds monthly update. (For those of you reading this from sustainability, Johnny's sells organic gardening products. I love love love their catalog!)

"Anybody know why the maples turn different colors - yellow, orange, or red? Or, why the process is timed differently from one tree to another?"

"The row cover slows the *rate* of temperature change in the plants, and that's our best guess at why the plants stay healthy. . . . Any of you know enough about plant physiology to explain this row cover effect?"

"The other day I was looking at the ingredients list [of boiled linseed oil], and I reconnected with my concern about the cobalt compounds and solvents. Can any of you help us with this? Tim Davis, Research & Production Director here, and I talked about experimenting with raw linseed oil again."

(All quotes are from the newsletter, attributable to Rob Johnston, founder of Johnny's Selected Seeds.)