September 25th, 2002


Adventures in OxiClean.

Thanks to the worn suction ring on her bowl, Laurel made her lunch portable today. She spooned about a quarter-cup of Spaghetti-Os onto the carpet before I could remove the bowl from her (I was shelving books and couldn't see her directly).

Unable to find any carpet cleaner, I found a bucket of OxiClean stashed with Himself's cleaning junk. Less than five minutes after I applied it (1/8 scoop in 2 cups water) to the carpet, the stain was gone. I'll have to explain the damp spot on the carpet if it's not dry before Himself gets home, but I'm ecstatic to have avoided a carpet stain.

On a completely unrelated note, does anyone know where to get a booster seat for dining at home? I've asked at restaurants with nice booster seats and gotten blank stares in response, but Laurel refuses to use a highchair and doesn't like sitting on my lap. Eee.

Why I shouldn't be allowed to have a kid, or: at least GTA rules!

1222_04laurelcartYou know I've been playing too much Grand Theft Auto 3 when I finally got one of the kid-friendly carts at the local Wal-Mart (regular carts with a plastic overlay bit including a kiddie cab on the front with seatbelts and steering wheels for 2 -- see picture) and every time we take a corner Laurel yells "BEEP BEEP! MOVE! RUN OVER!".

I'd like to think I don't run over that many cars and people in GTA (I'm still getting used to the directional stick thing on the analog controller), but yesterday I was playing while Himself made dinner and I _was_ driving the tank over things. As long as she learns that it's bad to run over other people and their property, I think we'll be okay.