September 2nd, 2002

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Getting ready to move.

For those of you wondering why you haven't heard much from me lately (rainingvodka caught me on AIM earlier and asked why I was so quiet -- isn't that sweet?), I've been doing some combination of the following lately:
- packing for my upcoming return to NC;
- trying mail things that are going to other people so I don't have to pack them;
- running through my stash of Tavist as frontal boundaries back up and run over me again for good measure;
- trying to get some sites I admin up to speed for the few days I'm sure I'll be offline (nothing like the few weeks last time I moved, thank goodness); and
- trying to tie up other loose ends.

I hope you can understand if I'm not always the quickest to respond, but things will be much less frazzled by this time next week.