August 28th, 2002

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Jury duty check finally arrived! w00t!

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Mail on the 26th included a small item (a dog for Laurel's dollhouse) I'd scored on eBay, but the real coup was an envelope from the State of Colorado.

My jury duty check was finally issued -- incidentally, the stub attached to the check notes that the warrant for it was issued the day after I went down to the courthouse to see what they'd tell me in person; the check itself is dated two days after that (22 August).

Unfortunately it arrived too late for me to book a second seat on our 6 Sept flight to NC for Laurel, but it means I'm way ahead of expectations financially for now. The babysitter from jury duty's been paid off (finally) and I've budgeted for an out-of-print poster I've lusted after for years (just found a source for it last week, I'll take a photo when it arrives) and buying my friend Booms' old digital camera. Yum yum yum. (: