July 27th, 2002


I wanna be an ex-dictator.

For those of you curious about TODCRA, this is what we talk about in IM. Of course, the mailing list is all about Martha Stewart, mayonnaise corpse f_cking and anything else that comes into our heads.

toddler_hiway: I am in love.
Me: I saw him in Newsweek. He's pretty young-looking.
toddler_hiway: He's so cool. "Oh it was good. I was the youngest . . . head of state in the whole wide world," he said with a guffaw, looking around the bar for support. Then he leaned forward with a wide smile and slapped a high-five on the hand of someone sitting across from him." More ex-dictators should be unemployed and living with their mothers.
Me: Yeah. Can I be an ex-dictator?
toddler_hiway: you'd have to take over a country first.
Me: I took over the inside of my head once when I was off meds. Does that count?
toddler_hiway: Nope.
Me: Screw you! It does. I am the ex-dictator of All the Voices Inside My Head! Muahahaha...


Me: Wait... does this mean I have to live with my parents longer? 'Cause I'm moving back to NC and would feel bad about depriving Himself of my fine ass.
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