July 7th, 2002


Survey: the first things I see...

This weekend was actually not too bad until he called -- as if I wanted to be reminded. At least I didn't get a mosquito in my ear this year, but I can't compare since there aren't many mosquitoes up here and I'm starting to give all the household goods I'll never use again away. Speaking of which, if you want any of mine, holler -- it's yours if you pick it up or pay shipping.

On a brighter note:

Name the first thing(s) you see... (nicked from solcita)

...when you get up in the morning. Well, it's all fuzzy until I find my glasses, but I my nightstand and Laurel throwing stuff at me from her crib.

...looking to your right, now. The return side of my desk, currently covered in clutter.

...looking to your left, now. An overstuffed bookcase.

...when leaving your driveway. The cluster of mailboxes at the end of the driveway, a handful of neighbor's houses, and usually some elk eating everything in their path.

...when coming home. I don't have anyplace I call home at the moment. Ask me again in a few years.