June 11th, 2002

Rosehip hunting in Alderfer

Hayman Fire

For those of you who want to know how far the Hayman Fire is from me, here's the short version:
The Black Mountain Fire last month was closer in its first day than the Hayman is as I write this. Possible evacuations in Jeffco (as reported on the local news) only ran up to US 285 as of 2230 Monday night. The junction of US 285 and CR 73 is about 8 miles south of me, longer driving. *wry grin*

I'm mildly concerned about the fire's spread (30,000 acres was the reported size in the Monday edition of the Denver Post; around 2230 it was being reported as 75,000 acres) and relatively cranky that it was caused by an illegal campfire (there's been a statewide fire ban here most of the spring). I'm not so concerned yet to have my evacuation bags packed but that may change depending on the winds on Tuesday.

Incident information from the Forest Service can be found at http://www.fs.fed.us/r2/psicc/fire/hayman/index.htm. If you want your information prettier, go to a local news source -- I prefer 9News, the Denver NBC affiliate, and the Denver Post, the local daily that doesn't suck.