June 6th, 2002


Survey: by the letters of the alphabet

[a] - Age: 21
[b] - Best friends: Should I have plural? I have two if I count my husband... otherwise it's just Michael and he's always known it.
[c] - Choice of meat: as long as it's prepared well, it doesn't matter to me.
[d] - Dream date: Spending a weekend with Himself (sans Laurel) climbing would be nice.
[e] - Exciting adventure: hunting around West Colfax for a toddler-sized raincoat. Hooray for Gordman's.
[f] - Favorite food: Marshmallow Fluff, peaches, raspberries, chocolate, my abuela's refritos.
[g] - Greatest accomplishment: Don't know yet.
[h] - Happiest day of your life: Any one in which I talk to Himself and Laurel sleeps with a minimum of fuss.
[i] - Interests: architecture, baking, classical languages and history, gaming, graphic design, historic preservation, music, needlework, philosophy, watercolor and writing.
[k] - Kool-aid: Jim Jones used Fla-Vor Aid.
[l] - Love: Laurel, Himself, and a select few.
[m] - Most valued: My tenuous relationship with reality.
[n] - Name: Melissa.
[o] - Outfit you love: anything in my vintage collection, lately my magenta silk dress. (:
[p] - Pizza toppings: olive oil (instead of sauce) and an assortment of cheeses with the occasional splurge for bacon, pineapple, mandarin oranges or onions.
[q] - Question asked to you the most: online, "Why aren't you [this 14-year-old/my college friend/some other shmuck] that gave me this nickname to IM them?"; offline, "Are your sinuses behaving?"
[r] - Radio station: KBCO, 97.3 FM in Boulder, webcast for when you're not in antenna range (like the barrens of the South).
[s] - Sport: climbing, trail-running. A little yoga, but mostly for flexibility for the aforementioned sports.
[t] - Television show: Law & Order, Trading Spaces, local and national news, New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Sesame Street, and assorted children's shows depending on how the schedule's being wanked for the season.
[u] - Your favourite song: Right now? Mmm... "Washington Work Song," disappear fear.
[v] - Video: CinderElmo, which has become the default since the DVD of Elmo's Adventures in Grouchland got scratched. Grr.
[w] - Winter: is that a season? All we have here is snow and non-snow, somewhat overlapped by elk and football.
[x] - Xylophone: I'm so glad Laurel doesn't have one yet.
[y] - Year born: 1980
[z] - Zodiac sign: Leo. I fit it in bits and pieces.