May 18th, 2002


Reason number something that my sinuses suck.

Today's been another evil sinus day, and I'm a bit cranky that I've already gotten an extra 6 hours of sleep today due to the promethazine making me drowsy.

After struggling through some home design show (there's nothing wrong with the TV or show, but my little sister talks at a loud volume), my sinuses were starting to be distractingly painful again so I decided to eat something when I dosed up. My brother and his friends had taken the last of the pizza I missed at lunch, so I was rummaging through the pantry when Dad came in.

He'd stopped at Blockbuster with Sarah and rented The Lost World: Jurassic Park because they thought Laurel, my 22-month old daughter, would enjoy watching it. Weirdos. I went back to ignoring the noise, but Sarah asked him about Jonestown (Guyana was in a recent issue of National Geographic, which she was reading aloud) and he referred it to me. (I am expected to know "evil and morbid stuff" as the resident non-Catholic.) I ran off what I could remember, then went back to scrounging for Tavist.

All of this would normally not irritate me, but when my sinuses flare up I'm not only cranky and shorter-tempered than usual, I'm more sensitive to light and sound.

I was feeling lousy and just wanted some carbs and something to wash my meds down with, but Dad started in on how maybe I should see the doctor. Considering it was a lousy doctor that was one of the mitigating factors in why I have chronic sinusitis (prayer is no substitute for treating an acute sinus infection before it digs in), I told him it wouldn't make a difference since all they do is give me allergy medication. (I've been on all the major prescription brands. None of them do a thing for my sinuses, but the do have given me headaches, dry mouth, nosebleeds and made my maxillary sinuses feel like they're full of wet concrete when I moved my head. Luckily my current doctor has me on phenergan and I buy my own Tavist so I get along.)

He then asked what I would do. In my dull-mindedness from being sick, I made the mistake of answering him. Never having had sinus problems himself, he thinks the idea of installing one-way shunts (such as those used in hydrocephaly) to drain my sinuses is barbaric. Bah.