May 10th, 2002


Friday Five: none again (yet), so I'm doing old ones. (copied from old weblog)

Heather posted that it doesn't look like there will be a new F5 this week either, so I decided to start with F5s from before I started doing them in my weblog. So, from 21 September 2001:

the friday five

1. Where were you born (city or state or just country)? Rutland, Massachusetts. I was the first person actually born within town limits since 1946 and would be the only one if it weren't for my little brother Tommy (who passed on 6 weeks later) also being born at Mimi and Bampa's.

2. What is your favorite number? 17. It's the Feller number.

3. Vanilla or chocolate? Chocolate, as long as it's not that nasty white impostor. *g*

4. What section of a bookstore would I find you in? What section wouldn't you find me in? Seriously, I tend to spend the most time in (and in no particular order) sci-fi/fantasy, architecture, philosophy, gardening, foreign languages, gender studies and children's.

5. What kind of mattress do you have on your bed? soft? firm? water? The bed I currently share with Laurel has a 9" futon mattress. It's plush... for a futon.