April 11th, 2002


Happy Birthday Megan! (copied from old weblog)

Chuck's plans set him to arrive in Indiana today -- just in time for Megan's birthday. Laurel and I couldn't be there, but we hope the yummy gift we sent arrived in our place. Laurel got creative tonight with the crayons and it inspired me to play around with a little signage and photography, so here's a little bit of cheer from Laurel and I celebrating the birthday of Chuck's favorite little sister. (:

Laurel with a sign reading 'Happy Birthday Megan!' at her feet.

Laurel with a picture she drew in her lap.

Laurel with the 'Happy Birthday Megan!' sign in her lap.

Happy birthday, kiddo. Wish we could be there to share in the happiness, but hope you enjoyed a little warm feelings from your brother's two best girls in the mountains.