March 6th, 2002

Rosehip hunting in Alderfer

Wedding ring musing, or nothing much. (copied from old weblog)

Randomly reading back issues of Dear Prudence at Slate magazine, I had a terrific chuckle again at her 3 Jan 2002 column, "Tales of the Rings" -- a collection of letters from readers on the creative things they did with their wedding rings after divorce.

It made me wonder what I'd do with mine after a divorce.... then I remembered I never had one. I do have a plain silver band Himself gave me as an engagement ring, but it's hardly substantial enough to have melted and repurposed. It was always too big for me but it's just a plain half-round silver band, size 5. Any suggestions?

Other than that, I have been feeling a bit self-conscious about going out with Laurel without a ring on. Since it'd be silly -- and far out of my budget -- to buy something nice for myself, I'm looking forward to unpacking my jewelry that's been packed since I've been home so I can wear the birthstone ring I bought off-the-rack from Da'oud last year at the Colorado Renaissance Festival.