October 21st, 2001

Rosehip hunting in Alderfer

Not quite into the wild blue yonder. (copied from old weblog)

After proof that Himself is somewhere between desperately bored and suffering from extreme Lack of Anyone Better to Talk To, he let me know he's scheduled to get his wisdom teeth out after he returns to North Carolina. (That means he's pretty likely to go overseas before the end of the year.)

I am moderately dismayed by the news, but I'm trying to be positive about things. Any amusing suggestions on putting things in perspective would be appreciated. I was going to be pragmatic about it, but then I remembered that most people think of pragmatism the same way Dennis Miller does: that it means you think everyone's an *sshole except yourself.

Laurel's spending the weekend with her paternal parents and I got the CD-RW drive installed on the other computer... now if I could get it to format the one CD-RW disc I have (I have a couple spindles of CD-R discs, but you should expect that of me) I'd be able to quickly transfer this month's photos to my box. Argh. (: