October 14th, 2001

Rosehip hunting in Alderfer

Bang-bang melodramatics. (copied from old weblog)

No-one's sure where Laurel picked this one up, but if you point your finger at her and say "bang bang," she'll wave her arms around and melodramatically fall down on the floor. It's probably politically incorrect to a fault, but it's insanely funny to watch her play dead. (Really, can your dog do that?)

On the homefront, I spackled all the grooves in the paneling covering half Laurel's and my bedroom and primed over it. Two coats -- and half a gallon of primer -- later, the room's walls are entirely white (and nearly flat) for the first time since my my parents bought the house. I've got to wait for it to dry before heading to bed, though... and still undecided on what color to paint the room -- either a greyish pink or an antique-glass green -- once we pull the sink out and create a closet area there and pull down the existing closet-type stuff in a perfectly good corner of the room. Pictures aren't coming until the room is much closer to done since it's pretty scary right now. (: