June 13th, 2001

Rosehip hunting in Alderfer

Home early, regret it. (copied from old weblog)

I came home early because I've been sick the past few days (cold hanging on too long and then sinuses kicked in) and do I regret it. The house has actually gotten messier, smells funny, and is ripe with rotting food in almost-empty dishes and bread just left out. No ice, milk smells bad and I had to vacuum before I could put the baby down. Matches are AWOL so I can't even light an unscented candle to help with the smell. I understand that twelve-hour days are draining, but it only takes a few minutes to rinse dirty dishes, freeze the bread, put out the trash, etc.. Anyhow, I'm off to work on the dishes and laundry and whatever else I can get done while the baby's awake.

Michael, Robert Hayden, et al: you can say "I told you so" now. You were right, I was wrong, and if I can't get rid of the smell by mid-July I may not come home from Colorado.
Chuck: thanks for the ride, the grub, and for generally tolerating the smell when you helped me get my things inside. I'll make cookies for your shop to make up for making you late.