June 11th, 2001

Rosehip hunting in Alderfer

Stair climbing escapades, or "we are so screwed!" (copied from old weblog)

After hoping that catching a cold would be Laurel's only "first" while in St. Louis, I've been proven wrong. On Sunday afternoon, she climbed the stairs all by herself.

Robert Hayden was only able to borrow one baby gate, but has two staircases in his condo since the basement is finished, so we usually just gate at the top of the lower stairs so Laurel doesn't fall down them. She was playing downstairs today because he had an early-afternoon EverQuest thing and I didn't want to spend the afternoon alone on the main floor with just her and the television for company. Laurel was really fussy due to her cold, so I was initially relieved when she got quiet. A few minutes later, we both realized lala was being too quiet, so I went over to see what she'd gotten into at the base of the stairs -- where I'd seen her last, and the bookcase there with some unracked computer parts and bulk CD-Rs and cases tempt her. Lo and behold, she was at the top of the stairs! Shortly afterward, he recommended we rack-mount Laurel.
Rosehip hunting in Alderfer

And that cold... (copied from old weblog)

I'm glad to have finally discovered the goodness of Tavist for my sinuses, but the post-nasal drip has killed my appetite and made me so nauseous it's not funny. Figures that the base clinic would give me allergy meds when I went in for more Phenergan. I wonder if they get a kickback for giving me Zyrtec when all I wanted was a scrip for a refill of what keeps me from puking my brains out every time my sinuses flare up.