June 8th, 2001

Rosehip hunting in Alderfer

T plus six into sabbatical. (copied from old weblog)

We have come to a standing agreement, hurrah and such. The next two weeks I'll be clustergeeking with Robert Hayden on a new version of the Geek Code and working on moving TODCRA toward being database-backed.

I'm getting over my cold and Laurel just caught it, much to my consternation. Chuck has talked me into being the subject of his end-of-roll photography, so we may just see a new picture of me yet. No promises on when since I'll be in STL until the 20th and then in DEN from 14 Jul - 2 Aug.

If you're one of those people starting to get antsy about my birthday (as if), remember that I'll always gratefully accept Penguins, Bawls (preferably by the case), and any of the particularly witty stuff from ThinkGeek but not limited to the baby tees (size S) and the RTFM or grepmaster mugs. As a last resort (or first?) I have a wish list at Amazon full of silly things.