May 29th, 2001

Rosehip hunting in Alderfer

T minus three days to sabbatical. (copied from old weblog)

0528_lalachairFor those of you who actually know me offline (gasp or something,please) you know I'm going to spend a couple weeks in St. Louis decompressing from nearly a year of being a house admin and such. We finally decided the best term for what I'm doing is a sabbatical, so there you go. On Friday lala and I leave RDU and through the magic of time zones arrive an hour later on the clock (two in real time) in STL. Hooray and stuff.

Other things to think about: currently talking to two possible new contributors for the Castle, lala is walking all over and has learned how to pull books out of the bookcase (argh!) and got some great photos over the weekend with a dinner outing to Raleigh, a birthday (observed) party, and an afternoon at Grounds for Expression.