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Cute package story, domestic/fabric chatter and looking for new music recommendations.

Our friendly little UPS guy (I'm taller than him, it's so cute) delivered a package from T. Myers Magic this afternoon. I told him it was facepainting stuff while I was signing for it; he laughed, then said "Seriously?". After I brought it in, I sang the "we just got a letter" song from Blue's Clues. When I got to "wonder who it's from?" Laurel replied, "You!".

Shortly after Laurel finally went down for her nap, Sarah called to check up on me since I hadn't called in a few days. I told her about the fabric we picked up for Amy's birthday gift and took a photo of it with a ruler for scale to e-mail her. (Note to self: unload camera and send the photo before you forget about it.) Unfortunately, napping made her awake for over an hour after our established bedtime. She's in her room until 0700 regardless, and I hope she sleeps in since she woke up early-early this morning and I didn't take a nap today.

I cut the stems down on the roses we've had since last Friday. They're looking surprisingly good to me, though I don't know much about cut flowers. The baby's breath is about to give up the ghost. Next time I think I'll take the thorns off so I don't stick myself when I cut the stems down again.

I washed all the flannel I have earmarked for pajama pants this afternoon, as well as most of the still-unwashed cuts from our last few shopping trips. The waffle-weave isn't as soft as I'd like it to be for a robe for Laurel, but I found the pattern I was looking for and am thinking about easing off work on Laurel's room so I can make her a rabbit-eared robe.

I think I'm going to hold off on making pants for her until she finishes the growth spurt she's currently in the throes of -- just when she got big enough around to hold up 4T pants, she's practically too tall for them -- and she'll be deceptively harmless-looking in all the jumpers I can turn out for her in the wait. Is anyone interested in seeing photos of my sewing projects? Or Vogon's? He's about to dive into making fabric boxes and bowls.

Thanks to the iTunes Music Store, I picked up the sole US-released Sonique album, Hear Me Cry, and promptly burned it to disc so Vogon can listen to it at work. I guess I'll have to really go shopping to find Born to Be Free, Club Mix and Serious Sound of Sonique. What music would you recommend I check out if I told you the most-repeated songs in my iTunes library are by Paul Oakenfold, Sonique, Vanessa-Mae, They Might Be Giants (the Johns are my prophet *g*), Splashdown, Laura Cantrell and Simon & Garfunkel? Or that if I had to choose only three radio stations to listen to for the rest of my life, they'd be KBCO, KDL and an NPR affiliate that carries Make Believe Ballroom with Jim Kelso?
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