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RIP Dorothy, the abnormally long-lived feeder goldfish.

Dorothy, the feeder goldfish that outlived our freshwater prawn (obituary post), died today.

Laurel and I were washing up in her bathroom after lunch when Vogon called me from the master bedroom. When I saw the handle of the fish net sticking out of the sink, I knew something had died.

Neither of us know how to break it to Laurel, but we agreed to dispose of her remains without her watching. He said he'd flush her, but he was worried she might not clear the drain because of her size (3 1/2" long); I replied that if she got stuck, I could plunge the fish, which we agreed sounded like a euphemism for sex after we stopped laughing.

While I was sitting down to blog that, he went into the kitchen for a bag to wrap her in and we laughed again when the bag he pulled out of the bag holder was from Petsmart. Since it was at the bottom, it may well have been the bag we brought her home in back in September.

On the bright side, now we have more time to get around to cycling one of the smaller tanks, which we'd been planning to do for her since she was significantly larger than everything else after the recent additions to the large freshwater tank.
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