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If you had to describe me in one word, you'd probably say 'utilitarian' too.

Vogon complimented me earlier today by telling me I was the most utilitarian person he knew. I quickly replied that it was because I had read too much John Stuart Mill as a child, but I was quietly pleased.

It stuck in my head so well that I just crawled out of bed to trim my fingernails. I'd left them untrimmed this week because he had surprised me on Monday by trying to give me a manicure with no advance warning. He left my left pinky nail oddly shaped because I kept squirming. (I didn't like the scratchy feeling.) It apparently takes a couple of hours to do a proper manicure, so it's been left since and my uneven nails have been annoying the bejeebers out of me, not that I had much in the first place. Since my nails would break anyway when I move some boxes around tomorrow, I decided to trim them back to how I normally keep them, only a little shorter to compensate for fixing the fussed-with nail. He says fingernails shouldn't be cut straight across, but I'd rather have my nails be plain and not break than sit through the uncomfortable scratchy sensation for hours and have them look terrible the day after all that fuss because I did what I'm supposed do and worked more on Laurel's room.

Now that I'm awake and still cold (can't get warm today, that's humid cold for you) I think I'll get some cleaning in while everyone else is asleep.
Tags: 618.928_sensory_integration, cranky

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