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New fish notes and off to conquer clutter in the midget's room.

The day before New Year's Eve, Vogon needed to make a run to PetsMart for some pH-balancing stuff for the big freshwater tank. While he was picking that out, he decided to get a brine shrimpery just for fun and since the big freshwater tank has been pretty lonely since our freshwater prawn died, he picked out a metric buttload of fish -- black mollies, dwarf pufferfish, zebra danios, platys and pretty yellow guppies.

A great photo I didn't take: while the fish were floating around in their respective bags before being introduced into the tank, I walked by and saw one of the plecos sucking away at the outside of the bag holding the mollies, which had something (probably food) in it from the store.

On that note, I'm off to conquer the clutter and remaining packing in Laurel's room this week. There's no time like a Super Fling Boogie to get working on it! I've promised myself that I can dig into learning how to make fabric boxes as incentive to keep on task.
Tags: 639.3_fish_and_aquariums, 648_housekeeping

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