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Fabric rambles: waffle-weave robe inspiration, slipper bottoms, and things we picked up today.

We've been enjoying the post-holiday sales and one of our best finds so far has been spa sets that included waffle-weave robes for the price of a couple of bath bombs (which they included, of course). My robe is so comfortable it's tempting me to use some of the waffle-weave fabric we scored at a one-day sale in November to make a robe for Laurel.

Vogon made a solo trip to our local Hancock Fabrics in search of "non-slip". After staring at him blankly when he told me what he was looking for, he replied that it was for the bottom of slippers. I told him that the store staff would know what he meant if he told them he was looking for the stuff you use on 'feetie' pajamas and sure enough, that's what he wound up saying when he couldn't find it right off the bat. I was amused to find it comes in the same exact packaging my mother bought it in when I was Laurel's size.

He returned to tell me that he'd seen the cutest redheaded girl working there and he wanted to take me back to see her, so off we went. A few sale finds later, she cut about half of the fabric we bought and checked us out. Whee! I love glasses with rhinestones even though I'm not brave enough to wear them myself.

I now have three cuts of flannel for either making flannel-lined jeans or pajama pants, a Blue's Clues print flannel to make Laurel another pair of pajama pants, drapery remnants for making a tote bag and gardening accessories, some small-scale prints from the 50% off holiday fabric selection without a designated project yet and several yards of a moose and pine tree-print cotton that will go wonderfully with my sister's cabin decor.

Among the sundries we picked up (hand needles, chalk wheel refills, etc.), Vogon surprised me with two new books: Fast, Fun & Easy Fabric Bowls and Fast, Fun & Easy Fabric Boxes. Both use double-sided fusible interfacing, which surprised me since I was expecting to have to dig into my stash of fabric stiffener. Now I can save it for fabric origami! w00t.

On a related note, one of the ladies that cut our fabric thought it was romantic that Vogon and I both sew and owned the same model of sewing machine before we met. After I told her that I have two treadles in storage (one's in working condition, the other is awaiting restoration), she gave me a valuable nugget of information: the technician that provides sewing machine servicing at their store stocks treadle parts. It's nice to have a local source again. If you don't have one, I highly recommend A1 Sewing Machine Repair Specialists.
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