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Jamster sends an unsolicited text message at 0100. WTH?

As I was winding down before bed last night, Vogon's phone made an exceptionally irritating noise that is apparently his text message sound, as I found out when I fished his phone out of his coat to make it stop. The message read:

Now all you have to do is enter your Jamster! password [six-digit number] at the website! (Please save your password for further visits at
My first reaction was confusion, since I've previously entered our respective cell numbers in our wireless provider's opt-out request form (if you were an AT&T Wireless customer before 15 Nov 2004, you can fill it out at After that, I was just mildly irritated and brought up the Jamster website to read their TOS, where I found:

8. Termination and Cancellation of Services

To cancel your subscription plan, send a text message with the text "STOP" to 35555, or such other number as may be designated on our Website, or go to "My plans" under "My Jamster!" on the Website or send an e-mail to The termination shall become effective at the end of the billing period in which you gave your notice of termination.
I promptly sent a text message to the number and will remind Vogon to keep an eye on his bill in case he's billed with a month's subscription for the time elapsed between the original message's arrival and the cancellation message I sent.

I find it somewhat amusing that he got the message at all, since Jamster's only offerings that apply to his phone are monophonic ringtones and black and white logos.
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