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Vogon woke me up Sunday morning offering to apply the eye drops, which was very sweet. Now it looks like he's come down with conjunctivitis too, so buying those eye drops certainly was a good decision! My eyes have almost entirely cleared up, only feeling like they were too dry a few times today.

Laurel was a little sneak and got two breakfasts this morning: rice and beans from Vogon before I woke up, then a bowl of Cheerios with dried berries on the side after she and I showered.

We walked to Quizno's to meet Vogon for lunch while the car was in the shop; a part that was supposed to be replaced after cleaning out the gas tank wasn't, so the car was leaking gas and he took it back in to be fixed. Laurel was so excited to go out to lunch again after our vacation break that she practically dragged me along the sidewalk all the way to the crosswalk button, which she proudly pressed herself.

Picking out a bag of chips was so satisfying for her that she not only spent lunch time eating nothing but those chips, she hasn't noticed yet that the chips were in place of a kids' meal toy (they were out). She ate the sandwich and Goldfish crackers from her lunch around 1530, since helping take the ornaments down and watching me take the lights and bead garland off the tree made her very hungry.

After I wrestled the tree outside (it wasn't heavy, just unwieldy) I found a rust stain on the carpet under where the tree stand had been so I got to play with one of my Christmas gifts -- a Bissell Little Green deep cleaner. It's a bit noisier than I expected, but it did an admirable job getting most of the stain out. Tomorrow I'll try a paste of water and cream of tartar since it works like a champ for rust stains on clothes. If that doesn't work, I'll see what other relatively safe stain removal methods I can try; if all else fails, I'll use the commercial rust stain remover Vogon has, but I'm wary of since it contains hydrofluoric acid.

Vogon fell asleep in front of the fireplace during the second episode of House so, now that I've settled Laurel down under her still-warm-from-the-dryer comforter, I think I'll go rejoin him.


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Dec. 28th, 2004 09:39 pm (UTC)
I don't know if we're still in the incubation period (unlikely), I've already healed (probably), or if it was just a false alarm, but my eyes appear to be cleared, already. I'm pretty sure that I had it because the sclera was really yellow and horribly bloodshot, as well as both eyes being all crusty last night (unusual for me). Also, I was having a serious problem with blurring all day yesterday. But, today, all appears to be well. Thank goodness for a killer immune system. (And, thank goodness that it wasn't something related to my lungs or I'd have been screwed.)

Hrm... maybe all those years of wearing contacts paid off by building up my ocular immunities.
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