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Car update, rewrapping the gifts(!), and thinking about exterior insulation for the patio doors.

Update re the car situation: Everyone Vogon talked to today expressed surprise that the police won't fingerprint the outside of the car, but I'm not surprised -- the covered parking at our complex is a carport so it's theoretically exposed to fingerprints from anyone walking by. On the bright side, Firestone has better tires than the ones currently on the car for a third less than the last set cost.

Laurel got into the gifts under the tree and unwrapped them all this afternoon before I realized why she'd been so quiet. Only one wasn't hers so I wasn't upset, but Vogon kept apologizing to me even though it wasn't his fault. He did put her down for a nap afterward for me, during which time I rounded up everything except for a few puzzle pieces that I suspect are in her room. I'm seriously considering re-wrapping them in brown paper and duct tape to make them stay wrapped until Christmas.

I'm thinking about exterior insulating film to keep the far side of the apartment warmer since there are two patio doors over there and it's just frigid near all the windows. (I can't do anything about the small bedroom window or the study window from the outside because they don't face onto the patio, but the doors are obvious candidates for exterior insulation.)

Laurel was so thrilled when she saw it snowing this morning that she danced around singing "It's snowing at OUR house!" because she's been hearing about the snow at my folks' for weeks.
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