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Running errands with Laurel and a dachshund moment of Zen.

Vogon's feeling under the weather today and I had a few errands to run, so we gave him some quiet time and walked out to run errands. I feel silly now that I was afraid to cross Trinity Mills with Laurel for so long. She's a champ at telling me when the crosswalk light changes.

Laurel wanted to get another movie from Blockbuster after when she put her rental from last week into the return slot. I don't have a membership card (note to self: fix that), so we checked out the previously-viewed selection. Thanks to their holiday 3 for $25 offer, we added Clifford's Really Big Movie and The Powerfuff Girls to her DVD library and found the widescreen version of Peter Pan for my own Pan. I wanted to get Vogon a copy for his birthday a few months back and it was the same price as Digital Eyes, so I didn't mind spending that much on a used movie. Yes, I'm cheap.

Armed with the incentive of new movies to behave, Laurel was very well behaved while I filled out shipping labels at The Mail Room for a dress going to mayna and a 17" Q-Snap going to sara567. While we were waiting to be rung up, a man came in with a box bigger than Laurel (about 2'x2'x4', but it didn't look terribly heavy) and made the easy decision between ground and air shipping while Laurel found soaps that look like snowglobes with a toy embedded in the center. I might swing by later and pick one up to go in her stocking.

Today was the second time I've been approached by random people asking me where things are in Albertson's. It only happens when I'm there without Vogon, so I guess people think I work there since the employees I've seen there are predominantly nonwhite and most people here correctly interpret my appearance as Mexican. In North Carolina, it was interpreted as Jewish. The mind boggles.

I have been sucked into the gimmick of bottom-opening condiment bottles. One we already have of ranch dressing has made dispensing "dip" with Laurel's meals so much easier that I spent an extra fifty cents for a 46 oz. regular bottle and a 20 oz. bottom-opening bottle instead of a regular 46 oz. bottle. The tail end of the old bottle is draining into the new bottom-opening bottle now.

I had no luck finding a citrus-based cleaner to pre-treat the lip gloss stains on Laurel's bedding, so we're trying Zout on them. I'm cautiously optimistic since they have been through the dryer since the stains were made. I couldn't see the stain on the wet sheets; if I had, they wouldn't have gone in the dryer.

We had our daily moment of Zen on the way home, not counting the guy that slowed down on Midway and stared at us. As we were approaching our complex, we saw a dachshund walking down the alley about ten feet away from us. Laurel dropped her bag, which had her hat and DVDs in it, and yelled "I LOVE YOU WEENIE DOG!". The dog just looked at us for a minute, barked a couple of times and ran to the back door of the nearest house. I'm glad Laurel didn't want to take it home.

After we got home, Laurel was thrilled to find a package from her Grandma Dorothy, Himself's paternal grandmother, and we opened the magnetic paper dolls my folks sent since she wasn't interested in watching a movie yet. She's never been quiet for so long when she's not getting into trouble. I am humbled by their ability to find things for Laurel that she loves so much she'll use an indoor voice while playing with them.

For Sass and Baroness, a little Ovid: Perfer et obdura; dolor hic tibi proderit olim. [Be patient and tough; someday this pain will be useful to you.]
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