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A small shopping trip, more boxes from home, and first post on the new music.

We did a little grocery shopping today and came home with egg nog and S'mores bars, so my inner foodie is happy. Vogon's tomato-basil soup with Jack cheese melted on garlic artisan bread helped too. (; I have to remember to pick up a citrus-based cleaner to get the remaining lip gloss stains out of Laurel's sheets next time we go out. We have Goo Gone, but I really don't have the patience to treat each spot and I hate the residue it leaves.

Our regular UPS deliveryman told me I hit the jackpot today: four packages. Laurel and I have our winter coats again, I have a set of craft books I asked Mom nicely for (they're a great reference; will post more information on the series later), and lots of things I may post about later. To distract Laurel from the unwrapped holiday gifts, I set her up with a fleece hat, mini harmonica and her Tickle Me Elmo Surprise, which Vogon flinched away from. The red evil has returned. *cue ominous music*

Claiming first post rights since I'm awake right now and he's not: new music goodness. After we tasted the finished soup, Vogon was napping intermittently when he sat up and said "I want to buy a record." He left with intent to find a Harry Connick, Jr. album he remembers fondly (and surprisingly, one I don't have) and another album that I can't remember the name of at the moment. The few minutes he expected to be gone turned out to be significantly longer, but he came home after the UPS dropoff with everything but. We're listening to the Creamfields now, so I'm so blissed out that writing about the rest will have to wait for another post.

On that note, I <3 iTunes. It's much less finicky on my old box (which meets the minimum Windows requirements, but not by much) than Winamp 5 and it's much faster for me to navigate bleary-eyed.
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