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Lunch at Tokyo One, dessert cravings, flour-eating midget, and a note about Oxford Academy alumni.

Vogon was craving sushi today, so we had lunch at Tokyo One. After Laurel tried to eat an entire California roll at once (bad idea), she ate an entire bowl of miso soup, including the kombu (kelp), and had salmon, blue marlin, and a cucumber roll. As usual, I started out with chopsticks and ended up using a fork, though I'm getting better with practice.

Strangely, instead of having a scoop of red bean ice cream (my first true dessert love) at lunch, I had a bite of Vogon's creme brulee and I'm still thinking about tres leches cake. Hopefully I'll remember to find some if we go out this weekend, which is likely since Vogon wants to round out the red glass stemware we picked up at Garden Ridge to an even eight glasses and I have a things left to do before sending out my familia's Christmas package and the holiday cards.

Laurel found a saucer with flour in it I missed picking up after our piecrust-making binge earlier in the week and tried some, as I found out when we were heading out to lunch and I realized she had a faint white ring around her mouth. It's been filed away in my memory under future Halloween costume ideas.

A non-food non sequitur, mostly for devilmuse: Alyssa Wolf sent me an e-mail yesterday that she'd come across our Oxford Academy third grade class photo and thought it was funny to see it online. This makes her the fifth person I've exchanged e-mail with about it and the fourth to help with a name. (She reports Danielle who moved to Abu Dhabi's last name is Eugair, though she's not positive about the spelling.) I'm always amazed when people e-mail me after seeing the photo.
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