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Mad progress in the nerdsprout's former bedroom and the midget's demonstrative thanks. Bah.

I made progress that finally showed results in the nerdsprout's room yesterday. I filled two large garbage bags with old magazines and junk, two small kitchen garbage bags with clothing to clean and pack, and sorted out about a medium box in volume of books, photos, personal papers and other belongings of the nerdsprout's; in total, enough to finish clearing and finally be able to vacuum the floor the length of the room and just under half its width.

Laurel thanked me for those efforts by winding a reel of braided cord around the desk chair, blinds and part of the dresser (I cut it off and threw the whole mess out; if the nerdsprout want it later, I'll replace it) and opening a pot of lip gloss we hadn't found in previous sweeps through the nerdsprout's stuff and getting it on the window, computer monitor, bedding and a little bit of the carpet. (I will probably not replace the makeup she left here because what I've found is past the age where it should be tossed, plus most of it's expensive.)

After the lip gloss episode, I put her down to nap so I can finally clean without her getting into trouble while I'm trying to clean and making things worse. Also, there will be no more lip gloss in this house until she's old enough not to wipe it all over things.
Tags: 648_housekeeping, cranky, laurel, nerdsprout

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