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Photos: colorful fall foliage and Laurel playing in it.

For may_lyn, who lives in a place without vibrant fall foliage, and anyone who wants to see Laurel throwing leaves in the air (it's the last image if you want to skip the leaves).

unidentified tree against the sky
This is the kind of tree that produces those spiky seed pods I mentioned saving, drying and spray-painting with a metallic paint to decorate wreaths.

sunlight through maple branches
Looking toward the sun through the branches of a maple tree.

an oak in varied states of turning
Not all of the oak leaves have turned, but the oak trees here have been dropping acorns since late September.

maple leaves up close
Maple leaves up close -- yellow lower on the tree, red further up.

Laurel tossing leaves
Laurel throwing oak leaves in the air. The blue and white cord partly in front of her face are her Chums sunglasses retainers (the sunglasses are on the back of her neck; she wears them like that at lunch so she can keep them on without dropping food on the lenses) and she's wearing an eyepatch over her left eye with Bambi drawn on it.
Tags: 779_photographs, 976.42812_dallas, laurel

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