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Media diet: Earthsea miniseries and actual LeGuin fangirlishness.

I realize the logical answer is that I didn't hear about it because we don't have cable, but why didn't anyone tell me that there's an Earthsea miniseries airing this month on Sci Fi? I'd like to think that you were all kind enough not to tell me about it because the director hauled it off into some moralizing drivel about uniting belief systems (gag) and, more importantly, changed important parts of the story. I understand that the timeframe of a movie requires significant dropping of detail from the book, but radically changing things is Bad and Wrong. (If you think I'm being harsh, read UKL's own comments.)

I'm wavering on whether I want to rent it once it's out on DVD. It probably can't be worse than the 2002 A&E production of The Lathe of Heaven, although that made me want to bleach my brain. Vogon still needs to see the 1980 PBS production on DVD, but he agreed the 2002 production had swank costuming -- is there any further sign I need to prove he has incredibly good taste? He could probably say the same about me owning paperbacks of the original Earthsea trilogy with the Pauline Ellison cover art.

Speaking of cover art, I have a mint condition copy of the mid-1990s printing of Tehanu with the bright red cover I'd be willing to trade for an edition with a less-jarring cover, but not one of the movie ones. (I despise movie covers of books.) I also need to get off my butt already and buy paperbacks of Tales from Earthsea and The Other Wind since I was lazy and just borrowed them from the library for my first reading. (Yes, I reread my favorite books on a regular basis; right now, I reread the original Earthsea trilogy, the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy trilogy and and an assortment of miscellaneous other books that touched me every three years or so.)
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