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Ordering lunch at Berryhill Baja Grill is like roulette. I lost.

Hummer = pretentious. End of story.Not really feeling like anything specific for lunch today, we saw a "now open" banner outside the Berryhill Baja Grill at Frankford and Preston. The Hummer outside that said "delicious not pretentious" should have set off all my warning bells.

The cashier that took our order asked specific questions about my choices, so I was initially pleased with their service. I don't know if it was a cash register error since the cashier asked someone else to look at her screen while talking about how she entered a corn dog kids' meal since it didn't have a button, but the mint lemonade and tres leches cake I was expecting was a soda and a kids' quesadilla. (Vogon and Laurel did get exactly what they ordered.) After our food arrived in two trips from the kitchen, I asked the server where the cake was. I didn't see him again before we left.

Bottom line: I'm glad I didn't order anything more complex or I might have gotten something fishy-smelling with my luck today. I sent an e-mail since the location we ate at isn't on their online comment card's drop-down menu. As for the tres leches cake, I'm thinking about asking Vogon if he'll swing by the Taco Cabana on Beltine after work since their cakes are pre-packed and right at the register.
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