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Who knew cats like sinks?

Sometimes I really wonder what's going on in Biko's head.

I prefer to really shine the sink a couple of times a month than do more than wipe it down daily before bedtime. After I left the non-disposal side of the sink soaking and set the little rotary timer to remind me when it's ready to drain, I had just sat down at the computer when I heard a muffled thump and a little water splash in the kitchen. As I looked in the kitchen entrance, Biko was walking away from the sink looking thoroughly disgusted.

As I was typing that last paragraph, I heard more small thumps from the master bathroom and found Biko  in front of the sink and several items knocked over. I shooed her down and straightened up while she hopped on the toilet seat lid, sniffed the shower door, and hopped on the edge of the garden tub.

Now she's sitting on the living room table sticking her nose in a copy of Yankee magazine. I don't think she's reading the recipe for Vermont Cheddar Soup I left it open to, but at least she's not getting into trouble. Crazy cat.

ETA 1400: She was miffed because I didn't put an ice cube in her water bowl when I topped it off this morning, so I was a well-trained cat-owned person and thoroughly washed out her bowl, filled it to just below the rim, and dropped a couple of ice cubes in it before returning the bowl to its regular spot. I believe she was pleased by it. If not, I'll make an offering of tuna.
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